Good Vibrations: Make Your Bathroom Shine With Crystals


To say that crystals are on-trend right now would be an understatement. No matter what corner of your home, no matter what the occasion, there’s a crystal for your mood. But, whether you use them for relaxation or simply like the way they look, there’s one area of the home where they can truly ‘shine’: the bathroom. 

Minerals and crystals have long been used in bathrooms, from classic marble countertops to quartz tiling. But with access to so many vendors of high-quality, unique bathroom pieces, you needn’t stop there. The translucent, light-reflecting qualities of crystals look great next to glossy tiles and glass in an array of colours. And, while they are often associated with earthy bohemian looks, they can equally be opulent and sophisticated.

Incorporating crystals into your bathroom doesn’t require extensive work, either. Thanks to the explosion in crystal-inspired designs, there are plenty of ways to use them; from larger fixtures to easily-updated accessories.

Choosing crystals for your bathroom 

Before we explore what’s possible, it’s worth noting that not all crystals are suitable for the bathroom. Some crystals are porous and delicate, and some dissolve in water - definitely not ideal in a humid or steamy bathroom!

A few crystals work particularly well, though, when it comes to creating a spa-like atmosphere at bathtime. They’re completely safe, widely available, and of course, beautiful to look at.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is everywhere, and it’s easy to see why. It’s thought to be soothing and rejuvenating, so is perfect for when all you need is a nice, long soak. It also happens to be the perfect shade of ‘millennial pink’ - two trends in one!


In China jade has a reputation for being lucky, but it’s also associated with youth and beauty, making it a popular choice for including in beauty routines (see below). Its milky green hue works really well in bathrooms, too.


If you love the ‘witchy’ vibes crystals can exude, amethyst is a great choice. Its deep purple hue adds an air of mystery, and its meaning does too; it is thought by some to increase spiritual awareness and open the ‘third eye’.


If ever there was a crystal made for the bathroom, it’s this one! As the name suggests, aquamarine is often associated with the sea, along with peace and protection. This stone is usually a watery green-blue; a nice accent for ocean-inspired decor.

Clear quartz

This clear, angular crystal is beautiful, and will go with any colour scheme already in your bathroom. It’s also the most versatile, and is said to ‘amplify’ the qualities of other crystals.

Now that we’ve looked at the materials, let’s see how you can use them.

Crystal bathroom fixtures

First, the most obvious option: using crystals as part of the building blocks for your bathroom. While crystals are semi-precious, they can also be very hard and durable, making them a unique material to use for interior design.

Changing the handles on cabinets and doors is often recommended as a quick, relatively inexpensive way of sprucing up a room. Fortunately for crystal lovers, the makers of Etsy have delivered. From raw chunks of rose quartz to polished slices of azure agate, there are plenty of ways to style them. John Lewis, Graham & Green and Anthropologie also have a few options if you’d prefer to shop from somewhere more established.

For something a bit more...extensive, how about an entire amethyst geode as your sink? Or perhaps a crystal mural as a feature wall?

Amethyst sink @nomadicfabrics

Amethyst sink @nomadicfabrics

Crystal mural by JSE Interior Design

Crystal mural by JSE Interior Design

Crystal bathroom accessories

A quick bathroom update is really easy to achieve with a few well-chosen crystal accessories.

Try using a crystal dish for your soap or jewellery. There are so many crystals, shapes and sizes to choose from that there’s something to go with any colour scheme, from ethereal ocean jasper to deep blue sodalite. Proponents of crystal healing believe crystal dishes can help ‘recharge’ your other crystals, so you could even argue they’re multi-functional...😉

Sodalite Crystal Bowl by Recollect

Sodalite Crystal Bowl by Recollect

For something more spa-like, simply include crystals in amongst your candles, luxurious toiletries and other ‘me time’ paraphernalia. Instagram and Pinterest are full of inspiration for this, from baths surrounded by crystals to smaller displays on shelves and trays.

Candle Holders @soulmakes

Candle Holders @soulmakes

Using crystals themselves as candle holders is another way to combine relaxation with those ‘good vibrations’ in one neat package. These raw rose quartz tealight holders from Graham & Green are a great example - you’ll also find them in amethyst and this striking teal agate.

Crystal #selfcare

You can go one step further than this - you can incorporate crystals right into your bath time routine. Not only does this feel really self-indulgent when you’re in need of some me-time, it also turns an everyday object into something beautiful. After all, is it really ‘clutter’ if it looks good?

Introducing the most luxurious way to de-tangle your locks: a crystal hair comb. This might sound OTT, but the idea behind them is that they massage your scalp, boosting circulation and blood flow to the area.

Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Comb by Briogeo

Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Comb by Briogeo

Another popular option is the jade roller. Again, this Instagram favourite - along with its more traditional counterpart, the Gua Sha - is designed to massage your skin, and promises to relax your muscles and boost collagen production. Their cooling properties have made them so popular that they’re now available in all kinds of crystal, from darkest obsidian to the white speckled crystal, howlite. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has sworn by facial massage for reducing the signs of ageing for years - as good an excuse as any to try it out.

Crystal Facial Roller @crystalharmonynina

Crystal Facial Roller @crystalharmonynina

If you’re tempted to add an air of mystique to your home using crystals, now is a great time to experiment. And if any of these is too adventurous, you could always plump for a crystal soap - it’s not the real thing, but for a family bathroom, it might be more kid-friendly. There’s no chance they’ll break one of these!

Gemstone soap by Leif

Gemstone soap by Leif

By Amy Murnan, writer for Private Room